Our mission

An outstanding guest experience is our passion and joy.  But our mission is helping hospitality owners and management groups effectively monitor the performance of their investments, set detailed expectations for how service should be delivered, and cultivate high-performance cultures for long-term, profitable success. Invision Consulting works with organizations that want to ensure that the unique qualities of service and hospitality which made them successful are maintained and solidified as they expand to multiple locations and larger management structures.  We specialize in upscale restaurants, bars and nightclubs and work with top venues and rising stars in New York City, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C. and Miami. What sets us apart is a meticulous focus on our clients’ service delivery goals. The company was founded by Linda Pratt in 1999, who introduced a new level of rigor and performance expectations to the restaurant industry through the use of auditing processes and analytics adapted from her 20 years’ experience in the consulting industry advising Fortune 500 companies.

We promise to give clients greater confidence in how their operations are performing and provide insightful guidance on how to effectively develop and reinforce their expectations of outstanding service.