01 October 2014

Invision Consulting Forms Strategic Partnership with Denichaud Consulting, Inc.

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New York, NY October 1, 2014.

Invision Consulting is excited to announce that it is expanding its business services to provide talent management and advisory services specifically tailored to the needs of fine dining and nightclub venues. Invision has partnered with Denichaud Consulting Group, Inc., a Toronto based company, to develop tailored recruitment, training and learning programs for hospitality managers and employees.

Linda Pratt, CEO and President of Invision Consulting stated that “through our mystery shopping evaluations and strong relationships with clients, we have long recognized that how well a venue’s staff is supported and managed, makes all the difference in how consistently they deliver outstanding guest experiences. Our shopping services can measure the effects of great management and identify when something is missing but how to provide meaningful guidance on how to cultivate a high performing staff was a gap. Partnering with Denichaud Consulting allows us to offer our clients a better way to recruit, manage and retain employees and build high performing, profitable venues”.

The Denichuad Consulting Group is led by Philippe Denichaud, an industrial psychologist who is an expert in causal-based learning topics and their strategic importance in building high performing business cultures. The company has developed tailored training and learning programs for Fortune 1000 and private companies in North America as well as advising on talent management aspects of mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. Originally from South Africa, Philippe developed a successful chain of restaurants within a portfolio of consumer-based businesses before immigrating to Canada in the 1980s.