Mystery Shopping

Monitoring performance for guest satisfaction.

Similar to reviewing the numbers each day, a shopping program is a control system to ensure your operations are running smoothly and an early alert to potential issues. Invision’s shopping programs provide an unbiased perspective on how well your expectations of service and hospitality are being executed.  It can also be an effective tool to discuss expectations with staff, track improvements and reward team performance. We work closely with our clients’ management teams to tailor shopping programs to clients’ unique style of hospitality. Our shoppers are highly trained observers that understand what should happen at each point in the service script and know how to discretely test and evaluate the subtleties of service and hospitality in any number of scenarios. Many of our shoppers have been part of our team for over three years.

Have a venue in Las Vegas?

There’s no place quite like Las Vegas and that includes the demands on mystery shopping programs. Invision Consulting has partnered with a specially licensed private investigator (License #1182) to comply with the statutes governing mystery shopping in the State of Nevada. We address a wide range of service, hospitality and compliance issues which are unique to the Las Vegas market and some of the world’s top-grossing nightclubs, restaurants and lounges.

Setting up a Mystery Shopping Program

Mapping the Guest Experience

From the moment a guest visits your website or phones for a reservation, until they depart your venue for the evening, we help you identify how you want hospitality to be expressed at specific interactions or “touch points”.

Shop Design

Every shop or audit is designed to evaluate each touch point in the guest experience with scoring and narratives. The calibrated scoring provides management with a quick check on its operations as well as benchmarks for long-term improvement. Detailed narratives give insight into specific incidents and staff actions on a particular shop.

Scheduling & Shopper Demographics

We’ll recommend a schedule of shops, varying shifts and days to provide a well-rounded assessment of your operations. Our shoppers are selected to review venues based on their suitability and experience.

Comprehensive Reports

Within five days, reports are available online and/or emailed with an executive summary to provide management with a top-line review of their venue’s performance overall as well as detailed narratives to inform next steps.

Program Reviews

Cumulative results of shops are reviewed with management on a quarterly or bi-annual basis to ensure programs are responsive to your evolving needs.