Our Approach

People drive performance, we measure how well.

Every day your people start their shifts knowing that there will be unexpected requests, demanding guests, and the possibility of mistakes in the front and back of the house. How your staff anticipates, reacts and recovers from these incidents is indicative of not only how well trained they are, but how empowered they feel to make decisions on the fly to ensure your guests’ experiences remains outstanding. Invision Consulting understands these distinctions of service and hospitality performance. We help clients establish benchmarks of performance and guide managers in how our shopping reports and services can be systematically used to support staff in performing their individual and team roles better. With over 15 years of experience in this industry, we know that if it isn’t measured, it’s very difficult to reliably improve.

Common issues we address:

We’ve had several bad reviews on Yelp. We need to understand what’s going on.

Invision can conduct an audit to address a specific problem and advise clients on how to better monitor service delivery.

Our numbers aren't where they should be in our bar. We may have a theft issue.

Invision’s shoppers are trained to observe and evaluate specific Point of Sales processes. Our audits and shopping programs provide third-party proof that may be necessary in taking disciplinary action. We can also advise on compliance protocols that may be missing.

We’ve had complaints about the way guests were handled at our VIP entrance.

Invision’s shopping programs are designed to evaluate all your important points of service and hospitality. If you need to assess a particular employee or want to evaluate how staff handle a particular scenario, we can insert test procedures into your shopping program or conduct a separate audit.

We're partners in a new venue and need to ensure they are following our protocols.

Invision has worked with owners, investors and outside management groups to evaluate service and hospitality to complete independent assessments. All reports and feedback are confidential.

We’ve had tremendous growth in the last two years and have seen more turnover than we like in our experienced staff.

Retaining experienced staff should be a primary goal of every organization because turnover is so costly. Invision offers consulting services and training programs to address issues of retention and to nurture promising managers.

We’re opening a new venue in 3 months and need help bringing the right people on board.

Opening a large nightclub or restaurant doesn’t have to be a cattle call. Invision can help clients screen applicants to find the best fit for your management and house roles, and reduce the amount of effort it takes to assemble a new team. A comprehensive approach avoids the typical high turnover owners experience, especially in those critical first months.

How do I get our floor and back of the house managers to work better as a team?

A team firing on all cylinders is unstoppable, but often the first breakdown is in appropriately communicating with each other. We offer training and team-building sessions that give staff the understanding, tools and common language to better communicate, foster teamwork, and self-manage their responses to issues.