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We also love analyzing what made the experience great, what was less than expected and most importantly, how it could be even better.
Linda Pratt, President, Invision Consulting
Linda Pratt

Linda is passionate about the magic that transforms a meal or evening out into something extraordinary. She started Invision Consulting in 1999 to combine her lifelong love of superb dining and hospitality experiences with her distinguished consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies. Her expertise in operations management drove her approach to creating Invision Consulting’s services and her conviction in the importance of performance metrics. Linda has a long history with all things Italian and is currently on a quest to find the perfect Neopolitan pizza.

Patricia Smith
Vice President, Business Development

Patricia believes every service is part of a brand experience, whether providers consciously choose it or not and is always looking for new trends in hospitality branding. She started working with Invision in 2010 as a shopper and has worked with Linda to launch Invision’s Talent Management service and revamp its brand positioning and marketing strategies. Patricia likes nothing better than a room with a view and a Campari after-hours.

Philippe Denichaud
Consulting Partner

Philippe is an industrial psychologist and expert in causal-based learning topics, particularly its strategic importance in building high-performing business cultures. His company develops tailored training and learning programs for Fortune 1000 and private companies in North America as well as advising on talent management aspects of mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. Originally from South Africa, Philippe developed a successful chain of restaurants within a portfolio of consumer-based businesses before immigrating to Canada in the ’80s. To augment his wine collection, Philippe also owns a Canadian-based wine import company.

Sean Hojnacki
Senior Editor (Shopper!)

Sean’s powers of observation serve him well in his capacities as a consultant, editor and writer. He joined Invision Consulting in 2011, bringing unique insight for assessing an improving hospitality which he gained from 15 years’ experience in the restaurant industry. He also works as a freelance editor and writer covering politics and sports. His passion for good food paired with conviviality occasionally transports him to a local beer garden for sauerbraten and a hoppy IPA.

Timothy Sekk
Senior Editor & Training Coordinator (Shopper!)

Timothy has been with Invision Consulting since 2007, beginning as a shopper. His eye for detail in both fine dining and in the scripting of Invision’s shopping audits, led him to his current position of developing and editing Invision’s quality service reports, as well as training new shoppers. He is also a professional actor and wine enthusiast, but his favorite is the perfection of barbecue and a classic Rye Manhattan.

Felicity Stiverson
Quality Assurance & Scheduling Manager (Shopper!)

Felicity joined Invision in 2007 as a shopper. Her love of fine dining and hospitality, in addition to her editing, customer service, and management experience, have led to her current duties as scheduling and quality assurance manager, as well as senior editor. She is also a choreographer and dancer, and has a weakness for a great cheese plate.

Kirsten Svenson
Editor (Shopper!)

Kirsten joined Invision Consulting in 2011 as a shopper with a passion for dining and an interest in the details that define outstanding hospitality. She helped develop and currently works in the role of Editor-Mentor, which helps new shoppers develop quickly with a combination of support, critique, and constant communication. She is also a public school teacher, an avid home cook, and has been known to run 5+ miles for the perfect bagel.

*Special thanks to Timothy Sekk, who took Linda’s profile photo!

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