Shopper Training Program Overview

As a Mystery Shopper you are an “undercover guest”. As such, you will be responsible for providing our clients with a clear, detailed, and factual evaluation of your guest experience. We require our shoppers to follow Invision’s Procedures and Guidelines, and Standards for Professional Behavior which will be shared during our required New Shopper Training Class. Invision Consulting’s goal is to provide our clients with a clear picture of how their staff, systems and procedures, cuisine and ambiance combine to create the best possible experience for their guests. A dining “shop” typically involves dinner or lunch, and a bar visit at a specified location, during which you will make detailed observations in accordance with our methodology and observation tactics. A nightclub or bar assignment focuses primarily on compliance protocols and theft schemes, in addition to bar guest service and ambiance.

We’re committed to helping our clients consistently deliver outstanding guest experiences.  Our Shoppers play a critical role in fulfilling that promise. 

Following your visit, you will complete an online evaluation of your experience that includes a series of questions on each topic of the report, supported by narrative statements. You must have access to the Internet to complete your evaluation, which is due within approximately 36 hours of your observation. Payment for the submission of your completed report is comprised of your expense reimbursement plus any incentives associated with the shop assignment.  Our automatic funds transfer system is Chase Quick Pay which allows for funds to be transferred to your checking account of choice.   Most reimbursements are for two people, and typically range from $150-$250, depending on the complexity of the assignment and type of venue. Reimbursements are paid 30-60 days after the assignment.  Incentive pay applies to all nightclub shops and some dining shops, and ranges from $25 to $125.  We do not offer incentives on all assignments.


New Shopper Training Class & Application

Prospective shoppers are interviewed by our staff, must pass a test on our procedures and guidelines, and submit a sample report using our methodology. If there’s a good fit, you’ll be invited to complete our training class. The training class is a prerequisite to becoming a member of our Shopper team. This class lasts approximately 2.5 hours, and requires approximately 3-4 hours of preparation over the course of 2-3 weeks  prior to the class. After reading the  Program Overview above and the “Frequently Asked Questions” below, we ask that each Candidate respond back to us to let us know if they are interested in proceeding. We require all Candidates do the following:

  1. Review and sign our Shopper Confidentiality Agreement, which allows us to release confidential materials to Candidates for training purposes.
  2. Read our Procedure and Guidelines Manual and take a quiz on this material. Candidates will receive instructions from our Training Coordinator and complete the quiz online; the Coordinator will review the results and coach the Candidate as needed.
  3. Write a Sample Report using our online shop reporting system to experience how our online reporting system works, and “test drive” the experience of writing a shop report using our methodology.
  4. Candidates are welcomed into the next scheduled New Shopper Training Class upon successful completion of their sample report at the discretion of the Training Coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for training and what is involved?

Invision’s New Shopper Training Class is a prerequisite to participation in the program; materials and classroom training are offered free of charge. Preparation for the class includes reviewing our Procedures and Guidelines manual, taking a quiz, and writing a “training evaluation” using our online system. Preparation requires approximately 3-4 hours over a period of about two weeks, prior to the class. You will receive feedback on your training preparation prior to class.

Do I need to sign a contract to join the Shopper Team?

No, but we do ask before releasing any training class preparation materials to you, that you sign a Shopper Confidentiality Agreement at the beginning of training preparation for the class. This insures that our materials and results are kept confidential, and that you agree to having read and understood our Procedures and Guidelines, and Standards for Professional Behavior.

Are Shopper Reports Published?

No. Our shop reports are confidential and are only available to our clients. Once you submit your report, our Editors will do a Quality Assurance Check on it, and once it is approved, it will be released to the client.

What is included in my reimbursement pay for my Shop Report?

The primary pay for your report is reimbursement for your meal/bar expenses, plus the incentives (on some, but not all jobs). All Nightclub and Lounge shops pay incentives ranging from $75 – $125, for example. In general, parking and travel expenses are not covered, except in certain circumstances. Coat check fees are covered where we are asked to evaluate the coat check facilities.

How quickly do I get paid and how am I paid?

We generally pay within 30-60 days, by Chase Quick Pay. (You do not need a Chase account to set up Quick Pay). We have a contact email where you can inquire about your reimbursement check and receive a status.

How do I sign up for a shop?

Shop Assignments are communicated to the Shopper Team by email at the beginning of each month. Assignments are filled on a first-come-first served basis with consideration to your shop history. We rotate shoppers so that you will not return too frequently to a given location. Throughout the month, as additional jobs come in, you will be made aware of them through our email notification system. Once you’re assigned a shop, you will be able to access the evaluation form on our online system to prepare for your shop and write your report.

A note regarding Las Vegas Training

In accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes 648.060 and 648.063, we have partnered with H.S. Brands-Service Sleuth (P.I. License #1182) to legally conduct our mystery shops in Las Vegas. Our partnership has allowed us to leverage our collective experience in mystery shopping and the guest experience. Further information on how to register with H.S. Brands–Service Sleuth, will be provided as part of our training program in Las Vegas.